A 4-Step Guide To Earn More From Your Space

Start earning more with these steps



STEP – 1:

“Register Yourself As a Host”

Register your space with Kangrooo for free and enjoy the benefits of increased exposure. Anyone can become a host and provide desirable workspaces for individuals to book. Register and get in touch to list your workspace and enhance business performance.



STEP – 2:

“Highly Customisable”

Here at Kangrooo, we provide a fully customised platform for you where you can update your profiles, make bookings and catalogue all the features of your space. From adding pictures to attaching your various social media handles.

Set up your listings the way you please. Add day pass, schedule a tour, specify your office hours, and much more, the possibilities are endless




“Online Booking”

Manage your reservations and bookings online. Gone are the days of sending emails and making calls to attract renters. The hassles involved in an offline booking forum includes a plethora of disadvantages like accidental double booking, mixing up of renters profiles, not to mention hiring a separate person to deal with all the bookings, and so many more.

With Kangrooo, availability is updated on your website in real time, and members can book effortlessly from either web or mobile, reducing abandoned bookings and completely eliminating accidental double bookings.




“Start Getting Reservations and Payments”

Kangrooo will automate all your bookings. All reservations are tracked and taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about anything. The renter can have a look at your profile, book it and make the payment at the venue.

There are no additional fees charged by Kangrooo.

“Whether you’re a small shared office or a multi-location hub, Kangrooo is the most flexible and easy to use solution for all spaces”

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