How To Start A Co-Working Space


Coworking space is a business service provision model which lets individuals and teams work independently or collaboratively in a shared office space.

The traditional office structures are rather different from the co-working spaces. Nowadays, these spaces earn their revenue not only from renting their spaces but also through other sources like partnership and memberships, holding relevant workshops, conferences, and much more.


Here is a simple guide to how co-working spaces function


How Do Co-Working Spaces Earn Money

Flexible Space Leasing

Co-working spaces work on the principle of flexible leasing arrangement. This means that the spaces are rented out on a pliant lease, mostly for a week or a month.



Renting Out The Office Infrastructure

A coworking place, just like any other normal organisation, has a specific number of workstations, these are put on rents to individual people or companies. This renting out the workstations acts as the primary source of revenue for most coworking spaces. These spaces can offer a plethora of different spaces from dedicated workstations to hot desks.



Renting Out Space

Many coworking spaces with available halls and meeting rooms also rent out these spaces for events like conferences, seminars, training workshops etc.

They charge a fee that is nominal when compared to other resource-intensive alternatives and also provide adequate facilities to host such events.



How much can you charge customers?

Because coworking spaces provide flexible office solutions, they frequently have multiple subscription options. For instance, clients may pay by the day, week or month. Many spaces charge more for a dedicated desk, an office or a locker.

Some spaces charge for use of a meeting room, while others including meeting room use in their standard fee.

“The co-working industry is one of the fastest growing industry in India!”


How Can Kangrooo Help You?

Once you have established your coworking space, the main problem which arises is that of getting renters to lease your space. An easy and free solution to this problem is provided by Kangrooo helps you to manage your space without any hassles or additional fees. You can easily register yourself with us for free. Become a host and start getting more clients for free. Adding your space at such a market place will result in enhanced promotion of your space at zero cost.


An Airbnb for Work and Event Spaces!

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