Why Startups and SMEs Need Coworking

Co-working spaces are not just merely vast areas with desks and chairs offering tech entrepreneurs high-speed internet connection, these are made to be exciting places to work that can improve your productivity. According to Harvard Business Review reports those who work in a coworking space work at a higher level than those who don’t.

Many startups begin in the home, which is only natural given that most have relatively little cash to spare on expensive offices. However, with time working from home may not be a viable solution and a coworking arrangement may be an alternative way to establish your business without breaking the bank.

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“Here are 5 reasons why Startups and Small Businesses need Coworking”


1. Amenities

When starting your own firm, you have to provide every little thing from stationary, tea/coffee machines to full workstations.

However, coworking spaces come with a lot of amenities to give you the best feel at work. Printers, scanners, lounge areas, free beverages, reception areas, unlimited parking, these office spaces have a lot more to offer as compared to traditional offices. These workspaces also offer a number of fun-filled activities that make work fun and exciting.

At kangrooo.com we provide a comprehensive list to the hosts in which they have to specify all the various facilities and amenities which they provide in their space in order to eliminate any ambiguities regarding the space.


2. Attractive choice for Youths

Startups relying on a younger workforce should pay extra attention to coworking arrangements, largely because younger employees are the thriving heart of the budding coworking industry.  If you rely on a traditional office environment, you’ll find your workforce soloed into an isolated, stagnant environment that’s not conducive to creativity or thinking outside the box thereby leading to dip in the production and creative capacities of the young workforce.



3. Build Relationships

You can build relationships that can help you and your startup at a coworking space. These comfortable office spaces provide a large number of networking opportunities for companies who are trying to build their business. At coworking spaces, you will typically find freelancers that can help you with your web design, graphic design, accounting matters, online marketing and so on. A coworking space helps you to connect, collaborate and accelerate.



4. Affordable Option

Coworking spaces are affordable for startups and SMBs and provide the right environment to flourish. Cost saving is the biggest benefit. Apart from ensuring low or negligible cost of setting up an office, coworking places also help reduce recurring monthly cost. The spaces are dedicated to improving productivity and provide a host of business solutions at a very small fee.

Kangrooo.com provides you with a per day cost of all listings with no hidden charges in order to maintain maximum transparency. It also allows you to pay on site of the coworking place.


5. Flexible

Another major benefit of opting for coworking is the flexibility of accommodating changes to the size of the team. Whether your business expands or contracts, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your space requirements anytime as needed without requiring a yearlong commitment from

you. It also gives you the flexibility to change your location as you please since your leasing terms are not binding.

Kangrooo.com ensures that all information regarding a listing is made clearly including the days and hours the coworking space will be open along with the option of checking different locations provided by a host.



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