How To Make The Best Out Of Your Unused Space

Coworking spaces are a primary catalyst for human approach designs, which foster collaboration, innovation, and productivity. These flexible offices offer freelancers and start-ups the opportunity to get away from their home offices or collaborate in an affordable workspace.

However, contrary to popular beliefs, you can start a coworking space by utilising the space already available to you.


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Things get even more easier for a restaurant to start a coworking space!

Officially positioning your restaurant as a coworking space will help you sell more during typically off-hours by attracting an entirely new type of customer. There is a growing market of people looking for working spaces and a restaurant is already expertly designed for optimal guest experience.

“Convert your unused space and become a shared office. Just register yourself as a host on Sign up now!


“Here is a guide which can help you in making the best out of your unused space!”

1. Define Your Vision

Why do you want to open the new space? You will have to adapt your strategy over time, but your vision should stay intact to make sure your brand is consistent and your members feel valued. Written descriptions that really tell a unique story about your space allows for potential customers to get a better idea of what to expect.



2. Explore hot desks and flexible seating

Empty office space is perfect for hot desking. Hot desk workstations allows for flexible work experimentation without interrupting the established office layout. Remote workers are the most-likely users, though flexible seating can benefit in-house staff. They can float between a “home” desk and flexible spaces depending on mood or a desire to collaborate with co-workers.



3. Make your space Aesthetic

If you’re going to be sharing the same space, it’s important to make your space lively! A well-designed space with natural lighting goes a long way in making you feel productive. Invest in some artwork or other visual, whether it’s inspirational, informational, or just light-hearted. Make sure that there are touches of greenery and functional yet stylish dedicated workspaces that make working a pleasure. For a pop of colour as well as a boost in productivity, you can install a coloured glass writing board. Anything from photos, stickers, and magazine cutouts to goal lists, notes, and ideations can be stuck on to it.



4. Find your Niche

Without a niche, your coworking business is overly generic, making it entirely more challenging to figure out a quality business plan. If your competitors cater too much on one type of worker, you should focus your services on the individuals they neglect. Assess what everyone else is doing and discover that profitable segment of the market other communities have yet to address with their services.



5. Host Events

Hold events at your coworking space like workshops, panel discussions, even film screenings or art shows, to give people the chance to experience your space without committing to a membership. Opening these up to the public while offering your own members a discounted enrolment fee is a great way to build interest and credibility for your space in your local community and keep your more members engaged.



6. Market Your Space on

Perhaps one of the best options for marketing your coworking space would be listing it on Make use of which helps users to find their next space by setting up a profile which will allow you to capture and manage new leads, growing your member base and visibility. This in turn will also help you in marketing your place for free as Kangrooo doesn’t charge anything for the first 6 months, so become a host now!



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